Managing Transformational Gifts

Navigate the opportunities and challenges created by transformational gifts.

In this workshop, you will hear from three organisations who have recently received transformational gifts in very different circumstances – out of the blue and almost overnight versus after years of careful and dedicated stewardship to grow an existing relationship.

Each organisation will share the story of their journey from gift receipt, including lessons learnt, bumps in the road, and best practices to get you on the right foot from the very start. The organisations included are all at different points on their journeys; you will hear how it is to be in the early stages of grappling with managing new funding as well as what has changed from midway through the spend.

Key recommendations will be drawn from each case study, sharing best practices and advice for managing and stewarding the relationship with the transformational funder; identifying further opportunities and challenges these gifts can create; and how to work through it all without being distracted from your mission.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to set yourself up for success following a transformational gift
  • Find out how to shape the narrative, both internally and externally
  • Discover ways to ensure financial sustainability for your organisation beyond the gift


Ana Zárraga
Director of External Engagement, Global Witness