Mapping supporter journeys

Mapping supporter journeys

Journey mapping your way to deeper supporter relationships and stronger organisations

This workshop explores how forward-thinking social impact organisations are using journey mapping to create improved donor/supporter/advocate journeys that are technology-driven, cross-functional, omnichannel, and more seamless.

Journey has become the buzzword du jour, but what does it really mean in this context? Haven’t we always tried to put supporters at the centre of our fundraising, engagements, and communications?

The concept of the supporter journey is to help your organisation to communicate with a pool of supporters using as close to an individual approach as resources allow. Working in teams, we will physically map supporters from a range of demographics to support you to learn how to master this key customer experience (CX) approach from the commercial world and find its place in your social impact organisation.






Michael Johnston
Founder and CEO, hjc
Mustafa Ozkulahci (Netherlands)
Fundraising and Engagement Director, Greenpeace International