Marketing automation for nonprofits: What is it, what goals can it achieve and how is it implemented?

Wednesday 12 June
08:45-09:30 (UK BST)
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There is always talk of digital fundraising as if it were a closed universe. Digitization promotes the innovative power of organizations not only on the Internet, but also in classical fundraising areas. It also provides the possibility to engage with the potential donors and mobilize them with the most engaging content, at the right time through their preferred channels and devices. With the example of face-to-face fundraising with tablets, petitions, scoring based telefundraising and much more, we will demonstrate how classic and digital fundraising can be integrated and how the potential donor can be transformed into the donor with the right content through marketing automation at the right contact point at the right time. You will learn what a modern 2-step face-to-face campaign or a lead generation campaign with marketing automation can look like and the benefits of digitization. Using best practices, you will learn what effect this innovative approach has in practice. 


Aimed at: 

Fundraisers with intermediate or advanced knowledge in: 

  • Digital Fundraising 
  • Tele Fundraising 
  • Face-to-Face 
  • Peer-to-Peer 
  • CRM / Database Fundraising 


Learning outcomes: 

  • Participants will learn more about donor journeys and how they can be implemented through marketing automation 
  • Participants will know what marketing automation is and how they can use it 
  • Participants will get an overview over how they can combine different fundraising channels and tools no matter if they work in digital or classic fundraising.


Eva Hieninger (Germany)
Partner & Managing Director, getunik
Gregor Nilsson (Switzerland)
Partner, Managing Director, getunik AG