Masterclass: AI fundamentals

AI is reshaping the way we work, but how can you leverage its power to elevate your organisation? Uncover simple AI tools that can be launched in under 10 minutes for tasks like content creation, presentations, admin, and social media, then explore more advanced tools and strategies like predictive models and automation, all of which have the potential to redefine your work. Get a sneak peek into upcoming developments and engage in discussions on the ethical considerations of AI in the social impact sector.


  • Quick wins! Discover easy-to-launch tools that save time and resources
  • Go on a deep dive and explore advanced tools and strategies for transformative impact
  • Get a preview of AI tech in beta testing that is poised to revolutionise the sector

Learning outcomes

  • Master the art of engaging conversations with philanthropists
  • Understand the ethics of being major donor fundraising
  • See how your personality impacts interactions & use your natural strengths to inspire and engage philanthropists


Nick Scott
Co-founder, PLAI