Mastering the major donor meeting

Meetings with major donors or potential ones can be hard. What should you talk about? What if they’re bored? When can you show them your annual report or case for support? Should you make an ask?

The answers to all these questions can be found in our ultimate major donor meeting process, which puts the donor at the heart of what we do. In this practical session, we’ll show you how to get to know your donors better than they know themselves, to only ask them for things they want to give, and to become their favourite person.

Learning outcomes

  • How to plan a meeting
  • How to gain insight on your donors
  • How to use insight to offer donors things they want

Who should attend: Major donor fundraisers, corporate fundraisers, trust and foundation fundraisers, and any fundraisers who are relationship fundraisers – who have a face-to-face relationship with their donors

Session style: A combination of straight-forward presenting, role playing, interacting with one another (getting into pairs to discuss questions posed) and case studies to bring the material to life, explain how it’s relevant and demonstrate how we’ve used it to get the results we want.


Michelle Stein (UK)
Director of Philanthropy & Partnerships, The Children's Society
Anna Sheinman (New Zealand)
Fundraiser & Consultant