Meet the funders: Burning questions with international grant-givers

Meet the funders 

Burning questions with international grant-givers 


With new foundations being set up by individuals and corporates every year and as we see a significant rise in climate change funding, the grant-giving landscape is changing.

With senior representatives from global foundations of varying sizes, this session will look at current trends within the sector, interesting examples from foundations who have funded something outside of their comfort zone, as well as tackling key questions such as:

  • In a time when the demand is great, how can we submit compelling proposals that stand out to funders? 
  • How can charities successfully build relationships with trusts and foundations? 
  • How do we best demonstrate our impact to funders? 
  • What does the rise of impact investing mean for traditional charity fundraising and how can we tap into this new trend? 
  • With the number of pooled funds growing as an option for foundations, do fundraisers need different strategies? 

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Joe Collins (UK)
Deputy CEO, Old Dart Foundation
Rebecca Elcome (UK)
Director, The Resource Alliance
Jeffrey Prins (Netherlands)
Head of Portfolio, IKEA Foundation
Sandra Macías del Villar (Netherlands)
Women’s Programmes Officer, Mama Cash
Rachel Stephenson Sheff (UK)
Advisor, I.G. Advisory