Mid-Level Programmes: Take them from analogue to digital

Mid-Level Programmes: Take them from analogue to digital



About this session

Does your mid-level programme need a bit of tuning up? Is it a bit flat?

Join two (talented!) hobby musicians as they show you how they take programs from analogue to digital in their nonprofit fundraising day jobs at World Wildlife Fund and CCAH.

You’ll learn how to find, engage, retain and upgrade high value donors across digital channels and come away with new ideas to test and implement right away.

Plug in and amplify your mid-level messaging at this fun and educational session.


Aimed at

  • Nonprofit fundraisers and marketers at all levels looking to learn more about engaging, retaining and upgrading their high value donors online.


Learning outcomes

  • A better understanding of why you should focus personalised efforts on high value donors
  • New ideas to implement and test in online communications
  • If you have a mid-level programme, how to take it to the next level




Adva Priso (USA)
Senior Vice President, CCAH
Andrew Wiley (USA)
Director of Annual Giving, World Wildlife Fund