Mobilising culture for fundraising growth

Mobilising culture for fundraising growth

To mobilise culture is to move people, and to move people is to create change

What makes a great fundraising culture? That is, a culture where fundraising can thrive. A culture in which the whole of the organisation embraces and supports fundraising, and where everyone across the organisation is as proud of fundraising as they are of other activities that support their mission.

This workshop will examine how an organisation can evaluate its current culture and how it can initiate and drive a culture change, including who should be involved, what process is required, what common obstacles you need to prepare for, and the benefits that the right culture will bring to your organisation’s fundraising. The workshop will cover examples of organisations of different sizes, involved in a variety of causes, and based in different countries to see how they have achieved dramatic culture change. You will come away with tools and tips to start initiating culture change in your organisation right away.






Sylvia Costantini (France)
Managing Director, Philanthropy & Fundraising International