Moments or movements? Driving momentum by building community

Create the momentum you need to go from performance to action



About this session

In the pursuit of social change,  every generation faces at least one major moment of challenge and change. The last year has shown us that these moments colliding can be the perfect storm, levelling everything in its path. As we weather the storm, we face a choice: do we treat this as a momentary crisis or do we see it as a catalyst for change? To attract and retain the brightest minds across the sector globally, organisations have to learn from the mobilised groups, hashtags-turned-movements, and organisations and coalitions that are seeking and making change. In this time of heightened awareness and a “calling out” of the charity status quo, Kishshana Palmer will show how building a community can create the momentum we need to transition from the performative to action that moves the needle.


Aimed at:

Organisation leaders and those looking to change up their strategy.


Learning outcomes

  • How to think about operationalising strategy using community as a lever
  • How community-focused organisations and movements have been able to gain traction in the last 12-18 months
  • What organisations need to change NOW to do things differently if they are really seeking change




Kishshana Palmer (USA)
Founder + CEO, The Rooted Collaborative + Kishshana & Co.