Multi-generational philanthropy

Multi-generational philanthropy

Shaping your NGO’s Future: How multi-generational donor engagement can create stronger organisations, build communities and generate more investment.

The global pandemic affected NGOs around the world.  While some NGOs provided direct services to those needing medical, food, housing or other support – others felt the effects of isolation and disconnection in diminished fundraising or ability to connect.  As we dealt with difficulty in our communities, we saw people of all ages – from teenagers to people in their 80s or older – taking action to help others in need.  We applauded the way they came together to help.  But, as we recede from the worst of the pandemic realizing that we have much rebuilding to do, how do we continue to tap into that focused commitment by people of all ages, abilities and resources to keep our communities strong?

Master Class facilitators Kay Sprinkel Grace (USA), Mariana Chammas (Brazil), and Nienke Teunissen (The Netherlands) invite you to an interactive discussion and idea formulation on multi-generational values-based engagement strategies for getting the “decades in your data base” involved in the future of your NGO through giving and volunteering across generations.  Using the lens of multi-generational shared values (e.g., Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough – 7 decades separate them but their commitment to the planet unifies them) the facilitators will engage you in discussions about deeper cross-generational engagement and how that leads to greater giving.   You will plan strategies for increasing multigenerational engagement in your NGO based on the motivation of shared values in giving, asking, joining and serving and how those values connect, rather than separate, the generations.  By putting a focus on values, motives and different ways of looking at your target groups, we will ignite new and creative ways of fundraising that you wouldn’t see or think of if you just keep looking at donors in the same way.

Rich with examples from other global organisations, this master class is exceptionally relevant at this time when crises continue (refugee, medical, food insecurity, war) and we know it will require everyone to work with us towards both service and solutions. It will truly take a village.  We will look at how different generations inspire each other and how you can make use of this in your own fundraising.  Using data from studies done in organisations that utilize a multi-generational structure in their giving and their volunteer engagement and exploring the way values unite generations in giving and serving even when the specific action may differ, participants will leave this session with tools for creating and shaping a reimagined future:  one where generations work side by side to generate actions, learn from each other and together generate increased funds that will insure your mission’s integrity and sustainability for the generations to come.





Kay Sprinkel Grace
Principal, Transforming Philanthropy
Mariana Zayat Chammas (Brazil)
Nienke Teunissen
Coordinator International Fundraising, War Child Holland