Facilitated by Gavin Coopey, Fernando Nogueira, & Usha Menon

Collaboration or CollaborAction? How can we act together to address the challenges we all face?

As fundraisers, we face common obstacles and challenges that no one individual or organisation can solve. It’s why we choose to do what we do, working to solve the social and environmental challenges of our world and supporting the disempowered and the marginalised.

In this interactive session, we will work together to build momentum to tackle some of the the challenges and obstacles we all face – together! Our facilitators will kick off the discussion by providing insight into the priorities that have been identified for our community around the world, and then it will be over to you to add your own.

Working together, we will work to identify:

  • What is at the heart of each challenge
  • The outcome we need to achieve
  • How we can work together to build solutions
  • Actions to commit to for ongoing collaboration

Bring your frustrations, your experiences, and your enquiring mind, and be prepared to learn, to share, and to commit to CollaborAction that carries on long beyond IFC.