Global philanthropy

Facilitated by Olumide Akerewusi

When you think of philanthropy, are you doing so through a global lens, or are you limiting yourself to what you know?

Research findings from AgentsC show Africans operate a sort of philanthropic duality, combining informal giving to friends and family with more formalised giving practices that support structured organisations. This duality is codependent, in the sense that one feeds the other, and could/should ultimately change preconceptions about how we raise funds and view generosity across the sector more widely. A unifying feature of African philanthropy is its potential to evolve our Western understanding of generosity, which is currently steeped in outmoded donor-centric models, rather than in community-centric practices.

Could an understanding of African philanthropic customs be the key to building local and global unity as we explore ways of collectivising to solve the worlds intractable problems? Join us for a conversation that will open the door to understanding generosity and community-centric fundraising globally – through a uniquely African lens.