Shift the power

Facilitated by Sarah Pacutho

The talk around shifting power has long been just that – talk. It is past time for us to start shifting.

But why is it taking so long to walk the talk? The reasons are unclear, the proferred evidence uncompelling. Some believe that conversations around shifting power are hypothetical. Others believe the delay is linked to fear on the part of those who currently hold power – the fear of what happens next; the fear of whether those in places that have traditionally been considered “beneficiary” countries will be able to handle power; the fear that once the balance has shifted, those who used to hold the power will no longer be relevant.

African traditions that hold that the good fortune of your neighbour is your good fortune, just as your poverty and suffering affects them. In this participant-led session, we want to hear your thoughts but also collect best-practices to be shared with the global fundraising community after IFC, show what’s possible and how community-led action and power-shifting are already happening.