Women in fundraising

Facilitated by Ana Flavia Ferreira Godoi, Ntombenqaba Precious Petros, Flavia Lang, & Nombeko Macetyana

An innovative experiment unites Brazil and South Africa and has been transforming the way fundraisers there plan and raise funds: Women in Fundraising is an initiative that empowers women fundraisers to break barriers and move beyond traditional ways of thinking and, in doing so, is achieving greater social impact in communities around the world.

Research shows that enabling greater collaboration with women leads to effective results for donors, for communities, and for social organisations, and we know that, as a sector, we have to rethink how resources are both invested and received, especially in low-income countries, so that effective social transformation can take place.

This conversation will be facilitated by four changemakers from the Women in Fundraising group, who will bring their experience in uniting across countries to create opportunities and give voice to the women on the ground who are making real change in their communities.

To unite and create greater equity, and, through it, greater impact, we need diverse voices to be part of this conversation: people from across the gender spectrum and across the world! Join in, amplify the debate, and help to build more unified initiatives to elevate women in fundraising.