A Blueprint to Getting Stuff Done

A new approach to help keep your head above water.

When there is more work to be done than people to do it, when prioritisation goes out the window and you revert to reactive fire-fighting, when time seems to run out or you find yourself at a crossroads, that’s when you need a new approach.

This workshop will explore how well-tested principles of human-centred design and different approaches to project and change management can be brought together and flex to help you and your teams get through your workload. This is a fresh, innovative, and tailored take on the basics: you will leave with a practical guide to successfully navigate the what, the when, the how, and the who of planning and collaboration.

This session is for everyone, fundraisers and social impact leaders alike. You will learn practical, time- and trial-tested top tips and tools of the trade, taking away a menu, cheat sheet, roadmap, and proven strategies so you can get on with doing what you do best!

Learning outcomes

  • Receive a download of the best of project and change management principles and methodologies
  • Gain hands-on experience translating these principles and concepts into practical applications
  • Unlock the secrets to effective collaboration and team planning


Victoria Thornton
Head of Business Planning and Strategic Initiatives, Save the Children International
Shannon Green
Strategic Projects Manager, Save the Children International