Optimise easy: Better donor experiences for better conversion

Optimise easy: Better donor experiences for better conversion

About this session

Log on for this session and learn how to make your donor experiences easier and your donation journeys work harder for you. With more donations being made online than ever before, optimising your online platforms for income is crucial. Focus on creating an optimised and highly effective online giving experience to not only drive traffic to your site but to convert that traffic into income.

With analytical evidence and success story examples, this workshop will cover practical methods that can turn visitors into donors. Focusing on the donor experience, key steps in the supporter journey where conversion rates can be increased will be identified. Best practice UX examples that show how to sharpen up on-site journeys will be given and there will be insight in to how to capitalise on goodwill and intent at the most appropriate moment.

Content strategy ideas that inspire and engage potential supporters will also be shared, along with insight into how the latest payment technologies will ensure the donation experience is as rewarding as it can be.






Vicky Reeves (UK)
Managing Director, WPNC Digital & goDonate