Optimising your web pages: More income from happier supporters

Optimising your web pages: More income from happier supporters

How to make pages easier for supporters to use, motivate them to take more actions and raise more money



About this session

Optimisation can be transformative to digital fundraising programmes. A/B testing allows organisations to raise more by making it easier for supporters to give.

In this session you’ll be given access to a framework designed to optimise your charity’s digital user journeys. Learn both how to motivate your supporters to take action online and how to make their user journeys easier.

The framework that Joe will share has been honed over years of working on digital optimisation programmes that have raised millions of pounds of extra revenue for organisations and driven thousands more people to take action.

You’ll be shown recent examples to illustrate each point, including simple tests that increased donation rates by more than 60% at organisations including SumOfUs and Refuge.

You’ll leave this session with clear, tangible examples of what easy-to-use web pages look like, and how they can motivate their users at the right moments.

Aimed at

  • Digital and fundraising team members who are looking to improve their online fundraising
  • Anyone making digital investment decisions


Learning outcomes

  • What best in class A/B testing and optimisation is
  • What principles underpin good user experience
  • What other organisations are doing to improve user experience, and what’s worked


About the speaker

Joe is Co-Executive Director and co-Founder at Forward Action, a digital movement building agency for progressive causes.

At Forward Action he’s worked with over 40 different non- profit, progressive organisations helping them use digital channels to acquire more supporters, raise more money and win more campaigns. He’s run digital testing and optimisation programmes for organisations from Greenpeace, 38 Degrees, SumOfUs, the Stroke Association and 350.org.

Before co-founding Forward Action, Joe worked for pro-EU campaign group British Influence and the Labour Party. He led digital tech development and ran the testing and data analysis programme at the Labour Party in the run up to the 2015 UK general election.




Joe Escalante Coney
Co-Founder, Modern Change
Anne Clark (UK)
Senior Strategist, Forward Action