Challenging NGO status quo

Challenging NGO status quo

What behaviours and ideas are preventing your organisation from reaching its full potential?

Working in nonprofit organisations, we constantly aim to ensure we have the most significant positive impact possible while solving thousands of problems. There are many challenges when working on social, health, justice, and environmental initiatives. Sometimes it feels like we are walking a tightrope juggling, while the world yells at us to “Do more!” and “Do better!” The pandemic hasn’t made things any easier, and many NGOs are in survival mode. The problem is that the world needs the social impact sector more than ever – not just to survive, but to thrive.

What are the five myths holding your NGO back? This workshop will walk you through five behaviours and ideas that, despite their good intentions, prevent not-for-profit organisations from reaching their full potential, limiting their options and their capacity for growth and development. Participants will be guided through a reflection process that starts by listening to unheard voices in the NGO world, challenging the status quo, and busting myths that allow us to reimagine a new way forward, investing in what truly matters.






Ana Mandri (Mexico)
CEO, Zamia Media
Sean Southey (Canada)
President, Zamia Media & Chair, IUCN Commission on Education and Communication