Organisational culture change

Organisational culture change

Embedding agile in your charity: Who, what, and how

We’ve all heard of ‘agile working’ in places like Spotify and Microsoft, but can it really work in your charity? Absolutely!

This masterclass will show you how and where to embed agile ways of working in your team or organisation to increase collaboration, innovation, and impact; improve staff wellbeing; and enable you to be more adaptable and reach your goals faster.

You will discover:

  • The potential of agile ways of working
  • How agile ways of working can improve staff retention
  • How to get buy in, where to start, and the key principles to guide you
  • What red flags to avoid as you scale & how to stay on track
  • The role of agile ways of working in equity and inclusion
  • The impressive impact of agile ways of working at Prostate Cancer UK

You will return to your organisation with a roadmap to follow including clear steps to kickstart embedding agile ways of working in your team or charity; confidence in using agile principles to transform the way you work, the culture you have, and the way you deliver; an in-depth case study from Prostate Cancer UK; and a cohort of other leaders setting out on this journey with you.






Eleanor Gibson
Founder and Coach, Tilt
Chloe Butler (UK)
Agile Delivery Lead, Prostate Cancer UK