Philanthropic culture: What is it, why does it matter, and how do I get one?

Our recent work on organisations that have been successful in doubling, tripling, or quadrupling their donated income highlighted the critical importance of organisational culture. Some non-profits are simply more oriented to be welcoming and respectful of philanthropy than others. Organisations with a philanthropic culture are massively more successful than those that lack it.  

In this workshop we will examine what it means to have a philanthropic culture and the factors that must be managed to attain one. We’ll look at donor-centricity, innovation orientation, board engagement and involvement, and the extent to which philanthropy is truly celebrated and embedded as a core value. We’ll look at what organisations should do, but also quantify the difference that each dimension can actually make to performance. If you’d like to be raising massively more money than you are, this presentation will open a window on the culture necessary to achieve that. 


Aimed at: 

Senior fundraisers 


Learning outcomes: 

Participants will leave:  

  • Understanding the link between organisational culture and giving.
  • Able to appraise their own performance on each of the components of philanthropic culture.
  • Understanding how specific sets of behaviour link to fundraising performance and how to build a culture of philanthropy in their organisation. 


Adrian Sargeant
Executive Director, The Philanthropy Centre