Pixie dust and power: Boost and brighten your fundraising by letting go of the everyday and tapping into your storytelling magic

By their nature, stories are a collaboration – an intimate relationship between the subject, the teller and the audience. As fundraisers, the better we get at the craft of storytelling, the more likely it is we’ll all be able to mobilise, engage, excite, acquire, activate, ignite, inspire, retain and motivate our fellow change makers around the world.

In this masterclass, you’ll leave the village of your day-to-day work for the forest of creativity – a place where the unexpected, the unusual and the sometimes slightly scary happens. We’ll share lessons from the subtle art of translating the information-dense language of the brain to the emotionally brimming language of the heart. And we’ll explore that magical territory beyond brand, beyond organisational borders, beyond issue-specific communications: the epic story of human progress toward a mythic land where we’re kinder to one another and to the Earth and its creatures. What’s our chapter in that story – as organisations, as a network, as a movement, as fundraisers, as human beings?

Join us for a journey to the heart of those questions, and return to the village of your daily work with a new bag of tricks, a bit of pixie dust, and the power of story tingling at your fingertips.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to spot and spar with the big stories — the modern secular mythologies that invisibly shape our behaviour, our beliefs, and our sense of what’s possible.
  • Learn practical tips for creating better stories, how to chase the rabbit of inspiration, and how to fall down a rabbit hole with a grace that looks like flying.


Mary Lynn (ML) Lalonde (Switzerland)
Global Fundraising Engagement Manager, UNICEF
Brian Fitzgerald (Netherlands)
Founder & Co-Director, Dancing Fox