PLENARY THU 15 OCT: The possibilities of people power

The possibilities of people power: A global crusade for social transformation, justice and equality


About this session

Our opening keynote session today comes from Janaya “Future” Khan, International Ambassador for Black Lives Matter and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto. They are a black, queer, gender non-conforming activist, Afrofuturist, storyteller, boxer and social-justice educator. Janaya’s dedication and bold approach to storytelling has created opportunities to contribute to academic and frontline community dialogue, engaging audiences on the global impacts of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Janaya has become a leading voice in the global crusade demanding social transformation, justice and equality. In this session, they will share their personal story and the story of the Black Lives Matter movement, opening our eyes to the possibilities of people power and the vital role we can all play in that crusade.

Following their opening plenary address, Janaya will be joined by Adwoa Aboah for an interactive Q&A, where you’ll have the chance to dig deeper into this topic and discuss what we can all do to be better global citizens.






Janaya “Future” Khan (USA)
Storyteller, Futurist, Activist