The power of story: Hacking society's operating system

Put on a new pair of magic spectacles that will help you see the invisible stories that shape our behaviour and our belief in what’s possible, and the common shapes and arcs of the world’s most powerful stories. We’ll look at a case study of organisational storytelling at Greenpeace, peek into how stories trigger community and expose our values,  and learn how to map any campaign to a simple, familiar story arc that can help clarify your messaging, sharpen your strategy, and hit the hyperspace button on public engagement.

The session style is highly interactive and lots of fun. Dancing Fox workshops are collaborative and creative events that disrupt most of the conventions of activist meetings and trainings. We get you out of your day-to-day “village” space and into the “forest” of creativity – where your ears perk up, you learn more, and you can follow some fascinating, slightly scary rustlings in the bushes.


Aimed at:

Fundraising directors, strategists, organisatoinal brand managers – anyone dealing with the story an organisation tells (implicitly and explicitly) or who wants to improve their ability to tell stories that reach people’s hearts and wallets


Learning outcomes:

  • How to tell a story of “self, us, and now” to motivate action
  • How to map a campaign communication to the most commonly understood story arc in the world
  • How being able to tell your organisation’s story in an easy-to-understand format can smooth communications, require less sign-off, and aid in project development and selection


Brian Fitzgerald (Netherlands)
Founder & Co-Director, Dancing Fox
Shweta Luthra (Switzerland)
Global Fundraising Content Specialist, UNICEF