Practical ways to use data to drive your results: A practical guide for using data to manage your individual giving programme

This session looks to provide direction and ideas for fundraisers to maximise the value of their donor relationships by using segmentation approaches and key measures to evaluate whether their individual giving fundraising performance is successful. Real data, case studies, and examples will be used throughout. 

  • Exploring segmentation: We will explore the starting point for segmentation, the four types of segmentation approaches, the most common application for fundraising, and practical applications to improve programme and campaign results.
  • Your arsenal of measures: We will look at the critical numbers to track in your individual giving programme.
  • Ideas for big impact segmentation and analysis: We’ll then take a look at some of the more advanced opportunities for gaining insight into, and making informed decisions about, your individual giving fundraising programme and further development opportunities for segmentation. 

The session aims to encourage and equip fundraisers to consistently analyse, explore segmentation and its application, explore the arsenal of measures for tracking an individual giving programme, and provide some ideas for big impact analysis. 


Aimed at:

  • Fundraisers intermediate and above and assumes that attendees already understand the basics of segmentation and its use for targeting and managing donor programmes
  • Fundraisers managing individual giving programmes and those responsible for their planning and evaluation


Learning outcomes:

  • Critical uses for segmentation approaches and the different approaches available to fundraisers 
  • Practical applications for segmentation to improve programme and campaign results 
  • An approach to building key individual giving measures and what the critical measures are by programme and donor type 
  • Inspiration and ideas for developing your fundraising insights to maximise the value of donor relationships


Fiona (Fi) McPhee (New Zealand)
Director, Fiona McPhee Ltd