Precision Philanthropy through emerging technologies

Precision Philanthropy through emerging technologies

Understand how big data and emerging technologies can enhance our abilities to uncover efficiencies, discover important trends and patterns, and personalise philanthropy at scale. 


About this Masterclass

You’ve heard the buzzwords: big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, business intelligence – but what does it all really mean?  

What is data? How is it really fuelling the next revolution in tech and nonprofits? How can you harness the data within your organisation with artificial intelligence technologies to begin to see significant impact on your operations and revenue generation? 

Learn how to leverage the newest technologies to sift through your small gift donors and find the ‘million-dollar donors’ you thought you never had. This masterclass will provide you with practical tips to walk away with a strategic roadmap for implementing cost saving and money-generating initiatives.  


Aimed at

  • This session is for any level and anyone connected to a social impact organisation – from a volunteer to staff and from any part of the organisation.  


Learning outcomes

  • Understand the ethical, social, and moral issues of utilising various forms of artificial intelligence for social impact organisations.  
  • A clear understanding of how machine learning, AI, and chatbots work and how to build them as cost effectively as possible. 
  • How to effectively partner with AI services and developers. 
  • Understand how to choose the right areas of service/stewardship/interaction to apply these powerful tools. 
  • Learn how to create pilots that can scale for incredible impact.  
  • Develop a unique roadmap for implementing artificial intelligence within your organisation, using our AI workbook. 



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Michael Johnston
Founder and CEO, hjc
Nathan Fay (USA)
Associate Vice President of Prospect Development, City of Hope