Going to church: Finding and releasing the emotional heart of a fundraising organisation

All great fundraising organisations can release the emotion that drives them and focus it internally for energy and externally for creating communications that work. The rational, structural bit of fundraising is essential, but it’s the emotional skills that set the best apart from the rest – from both a leadership and donors relations perspective.

Finding the emotional heart of an organisation is how one creates brands and campaigns that allow fundraising to flourish. (An emotional heart is like a USP but more powerful and more fun.) The process of finding the emotional hearts is also the best way to focus and energise an entire organisation around fundraising. In this session, Alan will demonstrate how the process to emotionally inspire your organisation is the same as “going to church”. For most organisations, this is a metaphor for the powerful mix of the question “Why?” and raw storytelling. For some though, it’s literal!


Alan Clayton
CEO, Revolutionise International