Hearts and minds: Resolving the internal conflicts that paralyse fundraisers

Research has previously shown that the greatest block to great fundraising growth is internal conflict within organisations. These conflicts are between fundraising and other departments and sometimes between fundraising and the board or leadership teams. Conversely, an organisation united behind its fundraising team is the one most likely to transform its income – and have the happiest fundraisers. In this power session, Alan identifies the key paralysing conflicts, pokes fun at the compromises organisations use to fudge the solutions and, most importantly, uses case studies to show what the fundraiser can do to overcome them and create fast, powerful, focused action. If you are, or have ever been, an evidence-based professional frustrated that your plans and ambitions are often compromised by the opinions of amateurs, then this session is for you. If you are taking on a new leadership role, or aspire to do so, it’s unmissable.


Alan Clayton
CEO, Revolutionise International