Public engagement & becoming audience-led

Uniting around your audience

Does your charity have limited resources, but near-unlimited ambitions to mobilise public support?

Then you need to focus your time, money, and energy – across comms and fundraising – and unite around a target audience.

Peppered with warts-and-all learnings from SolarAid about the organisation’s journey of making their ‘business-as-usual’ activity audience-led, this masterclass will give you the essential steps, tools, and skills to bring everyone at your charity together around an audience and tell an integrated story that grows a community of support.

You’ll be guided through a tried-and-tested process that will help you start building an outline of your audience and generate early thoughts about how your charity can help that audience realise the change they want to see in the world.

You’ll consider questions such like:

  • Who is your public audience? How do you define them?
  • What is their unique emotional connection to your charity?
  • What is the story that would create consistent relevance and meaning for them?

You’ll come away with the blueprint for the future of charity communications: one that is audience-led.

Who is it for?

If you develop or oversee communications for a public audience, have a good understanding of cause-led storytelling (whether for comms or fundraising), and need your ‘business-as-usual’ to work even harder, then this is the masterclass for you.

Learning outcomes

  • Fast-track the shift of your mindset from organisational to audience-led
  • Steal the simple steps of developing an audience-led strategic story
  • Learn how to listen to your audience for shared values and beliefs
  • Practice the art of finding your audience-led story
  • Take away the must-have tool of the one-word story strategy
  • Anticipate the highs and lows in the journey to becoming audience-led


Chloë Amstein
Audience-led Charity Strategist, Chloe Amstein Limited
Lauren Griffiths
Digital Fundraising Manager, SolarAid