Public engagement & storytelling

Lightbulb moments on the journey to becoming audience-led

The time has long been up for the “take, take, take” transactional fundraising model. It makes us all feel discomfort – and today, it will only get you so far.

What if we could replace that model with a gentler, more sustainable one? A model that is centred in empathy, listening, and finding common ground. Becoming audience-led puts real people at the heart of your storytelling and your decision-making.

This workshop will be honest and personal, built around SolarAid’s journey to transform its business-as-usua individual giving programme into one that is audience led and including sector observations about where we are now.

Who is it for?

Anyone working in individual giving, digital, or comms, who is communicating with a public audience

Learning outcomes

  • Get the behind-the-scenes insights into the process of becoming audience-led, from research to insight and from story development to implementation
  • Start strengthening your empathy muscle by listening to real people talk about their connections to charities
  • See what audience-led direct marketing communications can look like when you step away from the hard-hitting formula for almost double the impact
  • Get the deep drivers’ cheatsheet and start tuning in to your audience


Chloë Amstein
Audience-led Charity Strategist, Chloe Amstein Limited
Lauren Griffiths
Digital Fundraising Manager, SolarAid