Public engagement & storytelling

Uniting people around a positive story to spark optimism in times of despair

Times are tough. Many people feel tired, cynical, and isolated.

So, how do you mobilise support at scale when so many people feel like the world is falling apart?

You unite them – your supporters (existing and prospective) and your teams – around a positive and culturally relevant story of change.

This workshop will be brought to life with a warts-and-all case study from SolarAid, delving into how the organisation:

  • Went on a truly joined-up journey, with comms and fundraising teams working together every step of the way
  • Transformed stakeholder mindsets from organisational to audience-led
  • Listened to its audience, with staff directly conducting qualitative research to make them custodians of how insight is put into practice
  • Strategically developed their story to solve a problem for their audience
  • Tested and weighed up the merits of different stories, debating the importance of language and framing
  • Rolled out their new story using a simple one-word strategy tool

By the end of the workshop, you will have the tools, skills, and processes to kick-start developing your own audience-led story, helping you to sustainably mobilise support for years to come.

Who is it for?

This session is aimed at anyone interested in the power of story to mobilise support at scale. All that’s needed is a foundational knowledge in developing mass communications, whether that be through a comms, fundraising, innovation, or campaigns background, at any level. All are welcome.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to listen to your audience to identify powerful insights
  • Learn how to create a positive organisational story that works for all stakeholders (yes, even for fundraisers!)
  • Find out how to fast-track the shift of your organisation’s mindset to being audience-led
  • Discover what to anticipate in managing a strategic story development process


Chloë Amstein
Audience-led Charity Strategist, Chloe Amstein Limited
Lauren Griffiths
Digital Fundraising Manager, SolarAid