Public engagement & becoming audience-led

Going together with your audience.

When you’ve got a mountain to climb to achieve ambitious income and impact targets, don’t go alone. Go together with your audience.

Today, the old ways of achieving growth – pushing even harder, doing even more – will only get you so far. But hold on to your audience and they’ll make your journey easier: easier to rally teams around common goals, easier to attract new audiences, easier to re-engage existing supporters, and easier to know which offers are worth the effort and which to avoid.

In this hands-on masterclass, you’ll be invited to slow down, take a breath, and: 

  • Take time to truly connect with your audience, going beyond demographics 
  • Uncover your common ground, one of shared values and beliefs 
  • Find the connective tissue – the story – that makes more meaning for your audience, which in turn makes more impact and income a reality for you 
  • See how you can lead this culture change at your charity in practical ways

During the masterclass, you will hear from the team at SolarAid, who are already walking this path and who want to share their learnings – the good and the challenging – so that others may benefit.  

Come with an open mind and you’ll walk away with your ultimate audience pocket toolkit, totally bespoke to your existing audience, to help your charity reach new heights.

Who is it for?

Anyone who develops or oversees communications for a public audience – particularly those working in individual giving, comms, or digital – who needs their business-as-usual activity to work harder for them. Participants must have a good understanding of the basics of cause-led storytelling and be ready to take imperfect action!

Learning outcomes

  • Embody the shift from organisational to audience-led thinking
  • See your audience in a new, unforgettable light
  • Learn how listening to your audience creates deeper connections 
  • Sharpen your skills in finding your audience-led story
  • Confidently plan relevant communications by putting yourself in your audience’s shoes
  • Anticipate the highs and lows of becoming audience-led


Chloë Amstein
Audience-led Charity Strategist, Chloe Amstein Limited
Lauren Griffiths
Digital Fundraising Manager, SolarAid