Purposeful corporate partnerships

Our charities are tackling enormous problems, but we cannot solve them on our own

The rise of purpose-driven business means that now is the perfect time to partner with corporate entities. However, for many charities, this is so-far untapped opportunity. And when companies and charities do partner, they often lack ambition.

This workshop we will show you how to build ambitious corporate partnerships that are united by purpose.

Learn how Ukrainian charity Promprylad Foundation is creating corporate partnerships to build the Ukraine of their dreams, discover the emotionally engaging pitch they are using to bring companies on board, and find out how to build emotionally engaging pitches of your own. The workout will include a breakout session where you can find your shared purpose with a corporate prospect or partner.

Now is the moment to build ambitious corporate partnerships united by purpose.

Who is it for?

Directors/heads of fundraising, corporate partnership managers, heads of partnerships working at organisations of all kinds and sizes

Learning outcomes

  • Find out why now is the perfect time to partner with corporate entities
  • Discover how to build ambitious corporate partnerships, united by a shared purpose
  • Learn how to build an emotionally engaging partnership pitch


Liudmyla Kryzhanovska
Head of Fundraising and Impact Investment, Promprylad.Renovation
Jonathan Andrews
Managing Director, Remarkable Partnerships
Georgina Oxlade
Associate Director of Operations, Remarkable Partnerships