Purposeful fundraising

Purposeful fundraising

Are we part of the solution or part of the problem?

With the ever-growing pressures to raise even more funds, is there danger of falling into the trap of maximising our fundraising at any cost – fixing one problem at the expense of creating another?

How many times have you been told to raise more, improve your ROI, but at the same time criticised for the techniques you use, images you portray and narratives you weave – maybe even feel demonised?

Is the question not whether we should fundraise or not, but about how we prioritise transformation over transaction and impact over brand and societal accountability over money?

Should we raise less money to avoid reinforcing stereotypes, engaging in disaster porn, or reinforcing white saviour?

Where is the line, and who draws that line?  Is this even our responsibility?

Join the debate about whether it’s possible to maximise income whilst creating narratives that are relevant and respectful, realistic but never belittling – removing the barriers between us and them, between donors and beneficiaries, moving forward knowing we are all in this together.

Money is not the only way to create, increase, and accelerate our impact; the scope of what we can do is so much wider. Globally, passionate people are driving change by raising their voices and mobilising in support of the causes that matter most to them.

In shaping a better future must we consider how to create greater impact by changing what we do?

It’s a big issue that needs a big debate in a safe and unguarded space!






Ingrid Srinath (India)
Founder and Director, Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy
Marcus Missen
Director of Communications & Fundraising, WaterAid
Emily Bracken (Spain)
CEO, Consulting Division, Daryl Upsall International
Rachel Erskine (UK)
Communications Manager, Amref Health Africa - UK