Radical future: How digital-first campaigning organisations are changing fundraising forever

So many of our organisations have an eternal fight between fundraising, communications and campaigns. In 2014, SumOfUs completely changed its fundraising model by introducing “integrated campaigning” – supporter communications focused on taking its members on a journey that seamlessly integrated the old foes of fundraising and campaigning together and led to a huge boost in income.

This workshop will introduce the digital-first approach adopted by SumOfUs and used successfully at other online campaigning and political organisations – Mozilla, UpLift and DiB – covering list building, long-term engagement, and fundraising. We’ll talk through the internal challenges to make the change possible, and highlight some of the model’s biggest successes – including unlocking the giving power of baby boomers. We’ll also introduce ground-breaking research into online supporter communications and will talk through a step-by-step process of how
to structure your teams and develop strategic plans to enact these changes.

We’ll also touch on the data-driven decision making, testing and optimisation culture to help make true, radical change in our sector possible in an increasingly digital world.

Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of the basics of integrated campaigning – and that it’s about working with others in your organisation, no matter what your organisation’s purpose is
  • How to build a solid integrated strategic plan
  • How to successfully build an engaged email list
  • How to raise more money online

Who should attend: Fundraisers from campaigning organisations, fundraising team leaders or campaign team leaders who want to break down internal silos; people who want to get better at online fundraising but don’t know where to start; and people who want to get better at engaging supporters and/or working more closely with others in their organisations to make their mission possible.

Session style: It will be a mix of a traditional presentation with some slides, plus a true workshop where participants will be encouraged to do small exercises to help kick-start a new way of thinking.


Jon Lloyd (UK)
Head of European Campaigns, Mozilla
Anne Isakowitsch (Germany)
Senior Campaigner, SumOfUs.org and Co-Founder, Campaign Bootcamp Germany