Radical generosity: What it means for your fundraising

Radical generosity: What it means for your fundraising

About this session

In the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a crucial point for the nonprofit sector. Cyclical global crises related to the pandemic – constant grief, loss, and financial setbacks for individuals, corporations, and for the sector – have seen civil society spaces closing, attacks on human rights, increasing inequity, a worsening of systemic racism, and ongoing and new wars. The third sector has an opportunity to confront these crises and boldly reframe our work in the social good space. what would our social transformation agendas look like if they came from a space of deep care and collaboration and we anchored them them in love and a desire to shift the power? And what does a radical generosity movement mean for our work in fundraising and for new leadership narratives?

Join Giving Tuesday’s Kat Murphy Toms and Nasra A. Ismail to explore how we can use radical generosity to transform existing cultures and collective action and how you can advocate for newer and more power-informed collaboration among diverse teams to explore engagement and innovation in your fundraising.






Kathleen Murphy Toms (USA)
Director of Digital Strategy, GivingTuesday
Nasra A. Ismail (USA)
Senior Director, Global Strategy & Operations, GivingTuesday