Journey mapping: Empathise with your donors so they can empathise with your cause

Learn to map your donors’ journeys to better understand and meet their needs, and your own.

Join Mike and Brian as they reprise and further build on their award-winning sessions on Donor Experience Journey Mapping. This hands-on workshop will introduce (or reacquaint) participants with this engaging and highly productive method, using a combination of storytelling, role-playing and empathy to understand the motivations, needs and behaviors of your donors. Journey mapping is an evolving and dynamic form of design thinking, borrowing principles found in transformative approaches like Six Sigma, LEAN, Agile and others.

You will discuss, debate, engage, map, laugh, argue, brainstorm and form a consensus around action informed by case studies from dozens of charitable organisations around the world – from healthcare to animal welfare to social justice.

Ultimately you will learn how to take this methodology back to your teams to help transform how you view, and support, your donors. Diana will share her perspective of the ongoing successes and challenges of introducing journey mapping to one of the world’s fastest-growing non-profits, the UN Refugee Agency, by recapping the early results of sessions done in Copenhagen, Washington, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the link between donor experiences, attitudes, behaviors and your fundraising outcomes
  • How to use empathy to design new donor experiences using the journey mapping methodology
  • How to motivate your colleagues to join you in mapping and designing new donor experiences to enhance your fundraising results
  • How to create an action plan after mapping that relies on an impact/effort matrix to rationalize improvements in the short, medium and long term
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in the mapping process

Who should attend: Anyone, at any level or role, can learn and invite colleagues to begin mapping and designing better donor experiences. It spreads from there.

Session style: Interactive, hands-on, on-your-feet, engaging and fun (yes, really!). One of the presenters, Brian, was awarded Best New Speaker in 2016 for a similar session at IFC and will consider it a personal affront if you are not having a blast at this one too!


Diana Ruano Ortiz (Spain)
Global Donor Development Manager, UNHCR
Brian Walsh (Canada)
Principal, Structured Empathy