Raising impactful legacy gifts

Unlock the power of unity

In these times, many charities and fundraisers are concerned about their future income as they face shrinking donor pools, current turbulence and instability resulting from the war in Ukraine, the spiralling cost of living, and rising inflation.

Compared to other income streams, legacy donation have proven to be much more resilient to the current crisis than others, and research predicts that this kind of income is continuing to grow.

Legacy giving carries transformational power for the world, the sector, and individual organisations, but also for supporters and donors. This power can be fully tapped into if we unite and build strong partnerships.

In this workshop, you will discover, through practical examples, how collaboration in legacy fundraising can create a synergistic effect and increase its already impactful results even more. You will learn how to unify on various aggregation levels:

  • International
  • Inter-organisational
  • Between you and your board, colleagues, and volunteers
  • Between you and your supporters
  • Between legacy pledgers (to create a sense of community of like-minded people)

Who is it for?

Managers, fundraisers, campaigners, and volunteers – anyone looking to prepare their organisation for legacy growth and long-term financial income

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to build a strong solid legacy program by collaborating with other organisations, your colleagues, and your target group
  • Discover practical lines of approaches to building legacy fundraising alliances in your sector
  • Find out how to stimulate internal buy-in and inspire your colleagues to become legacy ambassadors
  • Create meaningful partnerships between your organisation and its legacy supporters
  • Engage your target group to create and facilitate a deeper and mutual connection between legacy pledgers


Lena Vizy
Consultant, Legacy Futures
Elly Lont
Team Lead Legacy Fundraising, Greenpeace