Raising money online through supporter mobilisation and movement building

Raising money online through supporter mobilisation and movement building: How to break down campaigner/fundraiser silos, drive online donations, and keep supporters engaged and giving long term


About This Session

In 2015, Reprieve – a UK-based human rights organisation – was starting their digital fundraising programme from nothing. They had an email list of 1,000 people, just one member of staff delivering all their online fundraising and campaigning, and almost no budget for technology and advertising.

Five years later, Reprieve have added tens of thousands of new supporters to their email list and are on course to raise £750,000 in 2020 – and meet a £1 million target in 2021 – with only a staff team of three and a £50,000 budget for technology, agencies and ads.

In this session, we’ll cover the strategy and techniques Reprieve are using to rapidly build a successful email fundraising programme and what other organisations can learn from them.

In particular, we’ll focus on:

  • Why the old silos of “campaigners” and “fundraisers” don’t exist in a successful digital mobilisation programme
  • Doing email fundraising well, including lessons on email volume and structuring supporter journeys, perfecting a digital-first test-and-learn approach, and writing effective fundraising email copy
  • Donation technology optimisations that have substantially increased income
  • How to replicate Reprieve’s Facebook ad > handraiser > email funnel, which is raising £3.50 – £6.50 within a month for every £1 spent


This session is aimed at:

  • Fundraising Directors who are interested in how fundraising through digital mobilisation/movement building could work at their organisation
  • Fundraising Directors looking at how to build the culture and skills to support digital fundraising in their organisation
  • Digital fundraising practitioners looking for tips on how to run a successful list growth and email programme


What You Will Learn

  • Understanding of the core strategy behind fundraising through digital mobilisation
  • Understanding of the culture and processes needed to support an effective digital mobilisation programme
  • Concrete tips on how to deliver a good email fundraising programme
  • Concrete tips on how to create an effective digital fundraising funnel
  • Seeing data and case studies that challenge some persistent assumptions in the sector – for example, that supporters who campaign and supporters who donate are not the same people, or that email fundraising “doesn’t work.”





Alex Lloyd Hunter
Co-Founder, Modern Change
Colette St-Onge (UK)
Head of Campaigns and Digital, Reprieve