Real world fundraising plans: How to create a fundraising plan that you’ll actually use

In fundraising, there are many emergencies that seem to arise every day – a donor needs immediate attention, a proposal is due today, or a mailing needs to be approved right now. Unfortunately, this can lead to a high level of stress and lack of health for the development programme and you, the practitioner! How can we change the paradigm and create a healthy, sustainable fundraising programme that leads to a less stressed out fundraiser? In this workshop, we’ll work on a comprehensive development plan that includes sustainable strategies and a realistic, workable plan for your fundraising efforts. 


Aimed at: 

This session is designed for small to medium sized shops that are generalist in nature, where staff need to cover multiple responsibilities. Those who have not previously put together a plan will gain the most from this session. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • How to do a quick and realistic review of how your programme is performing 
  • Identify the fundamental elements of a fundraising plan 
  • How to develop practical tactics to execute your plan


Alice Ferris (USA)
Partner, Goalbusters Consulting