Value beyond fundraising: Recruiting volunteers in the Zoom Age

How Dignity in Dying mobilised supporters to take high value offline campaign actions during the pandemic



About this session

In 2019, Dignity in Dying began a unique digital mobilisation project to change the UK’s law on assisted dying. Their strategy was to help supporters with lived experience of the issue to share their stories in person with their MPs. However, this kind of online-to-offline mobilisation often requires a lot of one-to-one support from organisers, and Dignity in Dying’s staff team is small. Instead, working with Forward Action, they trialled using Facebook ads to recruit new supporters and collect their stories, then using email to drive them to attend a webinar that guided them through the process of meeting their MP. Early results were promising. So when the pandemic struck, they continued to scale, test, and refine the model throughout 2020. As a result, 50 supporters met or called their MPs to discuss assisted dying, and many thousands of others donated through Dignity in Dying’s associated digital fundraising programme. How to genuinely involve supporters in your mission and drive them to take valuable actions beyond fundraising is a central strategic question many organisations are asking at the moment. Here, we’ll outline our learnings about how your organisation can effectively mobilise supporters to take high bar actions, online and offline.

Aimed at

  • Campaigners looking to understand how to drive supporters towards high value offline actions
  • Leaders in campaigning/fundraising looking to understand how to effectively merge the two areas
  • Anyone interested in learning more about supporter mobilisation

Learning outcomes

  • How to engage and mobilise your existing valuable supporters to take tangible campaign actions by optimising your email campaigns
  • How to structure and run a webinar series with the aim of connecting with supporters online and inspiring them to act for your cause offline
  • How to pilot this approach within your organisation, and then how to scale it into a fully functioning driver of campaign actions



Anne Clark (UK)
Senior Strategist, Forward Action
Sadie Kempner (UK)
‎Marketing Communications Support Officer, Dignity in Dying