Crisis fundraising

For social impact teams in Ukraine, it’s business as usual – even when nothing else is

For the team at children’s cancer organisation Tabletochki, Ukraine’s biggest crowdfunding charity foundation, recruiting and retaining regular donors is a key priority – one that hasn’t been changed by war. What has been changed, though, is how those donors are recruited, engaged, and retained, which led the team to explore the possibility of elevating donor experience by combining digital fundraising with a traditional channel like radio. This keynote will expose the highs and lows of the resulting campaign, delve into the power of partnerships, and show the value of out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to building appropriate and successful crisis campaigns.


Olga Mazur (Ukraine)
Head of Individual Fundraising, Tabletochki Charity Foundation
Hanna Yurovytska (Ukraine)
Head of Communications, Tabletochki Charity Foundation