Relationship Fundraising 3.0

Building retention the PhilPsych way

In this workshop, you will review a variety of perspectives on donor loyalty and retention, together with the practical actions organisations are taking today to build loyalty. You will explore the findings of a major new research project comparing traditional perspectives such as satisfaction, commitment, and trust, with the performance of new ideas from the science of philanthropic psychology. Discover how the factors that drive what people say they will do (i.e., their intended future loyalty) are different from the ones that drive actual future behaviour (retention). Based on these findings, you’ll learn look at and manage retention in an entirely new way.

Who is it for?

Fundraising managers, directors of development

Learning outcomes

  • Learn to distinguish between loyalty and retention
  • Describe current perspectives on the management of loyalty, including satisfaction, commitment, and trust, and understand their weaknesses
  • Identify the factors that drive both loyalty and retention
  • Design communications and stewardship activities that can build retention


Adrian Sargeant
Executive Director, The Philanthropy Centre