Relationships in Action

How to use strategic networking for successful fundraising and purpose.

In a world that is so complex and polarised, bringing people together both is a superpower and a super challenge. As fundraisers, we are more than just revenue generators; we are ambassadors, passionate promoters, and networkers. Our mission extends beyond locking funds; it’s about unlocking the potential in our communities. At the core of fundraising lies the essence of relationship-building.

The network we cater to is extensive, including donors, board members, advisors, experts, people of influence, and others. Are we, as fundraisers, networking strategically? How can we build an effective network that advances our professional goals? And what strategies can be employed for efficient networking, especially for those who find it challenging?

This mini masterclass will delve into a number of key areas:

  • The importance of strategic networking in fundraising and harnessing social capital
  • Developing a strategic networking mindset, focusing on authenticity and empathy to influence others
  • Techniques for connecting and nurturing purposeful relationships with a plan
  • Navigating the challenges of networking, particularly with affluent and influential individuals

The session will draw on successful approaches and offer a comprehensive perspective on the transformative power of strategic networking and relationship-building in fundraising.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the strategic role of networking in fundraising
  • Learn to adopt a strategic networking mindset to influence stakeholders
  • Discover how to create a personalised relationship development plan to grow a supportive fundraising network


Konstantina Papadimitriou
Certified Fundraising Executive, 21/64 Certified Philanthropy Advisor
Svitlana Pugach
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Tabletochki Charity Foundation