Rethinking regular giving

Rethinking regular giving

From a subscription-focus to a new definition of sustainable giving

Child sponsorship organisations are struggling to grow their sponsor numbers and some of them can’t even compensate for churn. Regular donor acquisition has become more and more challenging, in terms of cost per acquisition, attrition, and, in some markets, also due to saturation. What can be done?

The answer is donor centricity: not just a marketing buzzword, but an essential attitude necessary for fundraisers and organisations to understand donor motivation. Why are only those who sponsor a child or donate monthly considered regular support? What about the donor who gives generously every Christmas for 10 years? Or the person who responds to every special appeal? How do we look at these donor cohorts?

Let’s rethink regular giving: from a subscription-focused programme to a new definition of sustainable giving. Let’s understand why donor motivation and perception have to come first, and how we can turn these learnings into powerful and sustainable fundraising programmes.






Jirka Wirth (Germany)
International Senior Consultant, Daryl Upsall International
Nigel Magson (UK)
CEO and Founder, Adroit