Rising Above Fundraiser Burnout

Finding synergy in sometimes competing departments.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, burnout is at an all-time high.

80% of employees report feeling emotionally drained, with one in four reporting severe burnout. For those working in nonprofits, burnout rates are particularly high. Our teams undertake heroic work to protect the fundamental rights of our communities. In the turbulence of the last number of years, charities have picked up a greater share of the responsibility of caring for those same communities, particulrly in places where government supports are fewer. For many of us, we have worked through crisis after crisis, without a break and with no end in sight.

In addition, fundraisers are often affected by secondary trauma, brought on by reliving and repeating, in the name of fundraising, the traumas of the communities they serve. Organisations struggle to fill fundraising vacancies as talented people not only leave their jobs, but leave the sector entirely.

Join us for a session with Radha Friedman, author of international bestseller Fundraising Without Burnout, to explore the nonprofit burnout crisis and how we can reverse it to ensure we build a vibrant and supportive social sector where everyone can thrive.


Radha Friedman
Philanthropy consultant, author, & coach