Scaling lead generation and marketing automation

Scaling lead generation and marketing automation

Seven countries – two campaigns – five learnings

In 2021, World Vision set out to scale lead generation and combine it with marketing automation to generate more sponsors in Spain, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, France, and Finland. The guiding principle: Don’t just expect to take, but also be prepared to give as an organisation. World Vision created several thematically different Advent calendars as well as an exciting e-book with inspiring stories of young girls from all over the world which gave as a gift to new Facebook leads. In addition to Facebook Lead Ads and Lead Magnets, the new contacts joined a welcome series to develop them into long-term sponsors. This session will show you how international organisations and their country organisations can combine their energies to bring refreshing inputs and enable scaling.






Eva Hieninger (Germany)
Partner & Managing Director, getunik
Björn Scheele (Germany)
Junior Customer Success Manager, getunik