Seeking synergies: Collaborating with financial institutions

Seeking synergies: Collaborating with financial institutions

About this session

Research shows that seven out of ten global citizens expect companies to play a role in social causes, and 87% of consumers prefer brands that are affiliated with a cause. Partnerships between companies and charities exploit natural synergies: the corporate organisation receives a boost to its public perception, and the charity gets increased access to funds, expertise, and new audiences.

Financial services like banking and insurance companies are in a unique position in that their communications are typically key for their consumers, meaning charities in partnership with them can hitch a ride for their message on existing distribution networks. But how can your organisation develop these partnerships? With 18 years’ experience in financial services before making the move to nonprofit fundraising, Rina Soni has the answers.






Rina Soni (India)
Country Head - Resource Mobilisation & Marketing, HelpAge India