Self-regulation of F2F in Covid-19 times

Self-regulation of F2F in Covid-19 times: A data-based co-operative approach to test and re-open the F2F market in Norway

Dates and times: 13 Aug, 07:00 BST (08:00 CEST) / 19 Aug, 17:00 GMT (18:00 CEST) / 24 Aug, 12:00 BST (13:00 CEST)

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About This Session

In Norway, five organisations have co-developed and piloted Covid-19 adapted guidelines for F2F, with a mandate of the Norwegian Fundraising Association (Norges Innsamligsråd).

The practices focus on social distancing, good hygiene habits and materials to support on distancing and hygiene. They were developed over just two weeks and were continually improved with feedback from the fundraisers.

The session will focus on:

  • How to identify it was the “right time” to test/re-open F2F
  • How to develop trust between stakeholders
  • How real-life data was used to improve guidelines
  • What we learned – both the successes and the potential biases and pitfalls


This session is aimed at:

  • Fundraising and Marketing managers
  • Senior F2F experts
  • Fundraising Associations (regulatory bodies)
  • Fundraising Agencies


What You Will Learn

  • A framework for cooperation within markets, namely between NGOs, agencies and fundraising associations
  • A data-based approach to creating guidelines
  • A case-study for Self-Regulation bodies, that builds sector’s trust both to staff and the general public


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Bruno Da Silva Machado (Norway)
Head of Fundraising Mexico (interim) & Sponsor of International F2F Working Group, Medecins Sans Frontieres
Karl M. Rohde-Næss (Norway)
Marketing Manager, Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation