Shaping the future through scenario planning

We can’t predict a specific future, but we can prepare for the different futures possible

Join this stimulating masterclass to be immersed in the principles and practices of scenario planning!

Taking a hands-on approach, this masterclass will split participants into small groups to work together to create their own scenario models, for their issues and their context. The session will present the rationale, history, and value of scenario planning and futures thinking; identify and discuss its implications for nonprofits and the ways we fundraise, mobilise, and rise up; and share finding from the Four Futures for Generosity case study. You will discuss, evaluate, and prioritise over 50 global megatrends that will influence the world in the next 10 years; identify and select axes of uncertainty to create different what-if scenarios; and, after creating a combined model for possible futures, explore how the world looks in each one by applying different lenses, such as technology, values, workforce, media, and scandals.

Learning outcomes

  1. Become equipped to run your own scenario mapping exercise for your organisation, community, or country
  2. Gain an appreciation and understanding of the forces that may influence fundraising, movement building, and social change in the long term
  3. Be prepared to shape the future of generosity in your community