Shaping the new normal: Changing working practices for good

Shaping the new normal: Changing working practices for good


About this session

COVID-19 is reshaping the way that we socialise, travel, and work. Many of the effects of COVID-19 are, of course, detrimental to the way we live our lives. But the disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic also offers a unique opportunity for organisations to recalibrate routines and ways of working. From virtual conferencing, to shifting business models online, many positive new activities have emerged. But it is important to recognise the likelihood that many of these new ways of working will themselves lapse if we do not actively shape the post-COVID environment that we are starting to enter. In this session we set out how organisations can actively support the “new normal” by setting out a framework that enables us to both identify the positive new working practices we want to maintain and lay the foundations for their continuation.

This session is aimed at:

  • Organisations looking to embed new productive practices into their operating model
  • Governments / administrators looking to support an aid the transition to the new normal in a positive manner.

What you will learn

  • Awareness on potential upsides in the new working practices
  • Understanding of the fundamental behavioural drivers behind the changes
  • Action plan to institute selected practices for the long term.





Abhishek Sharma (UAE)
Partner, Oliver Wyman